Monday, January 26, 2009

how could I forget...

we had a wonderful celebration at my moms for the inauguration...we toasted with dye-free/fruit popsicles (mom goes a little overboard ;) for the kids...then she gives me a glass of patron..thanks a lot...j/k it was a ton of fun...Jamesy was out of town ;( figures...but still we had a blast...
the kids dancing to along with President Obama and First sweet..except for the fact that jamir is most likely a streaker at heart...I am surprised he (atleast) has his shirt on in this

this is the face I got after "yes you can stay up for the entire thing"

I love this picture! Definitely going to have to photoshop it though..just ignore the t.v. on top of the t.v. lovely thing we got going on here ;)

and we discovered ja knows how to take a picture of himself..learning from big sis I see...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the girlzz

okay now we're just drinkey ;)

now...for the gay karaoke..the are singing "the boy is mine" and boy were they into it...good times..good times

here is an old one..that I had to steal ;>

and..the lovers...LOL

Saturday, January 17, 2009

one more...

I have more creative ideas in mind, but these were done all around the house..and my camera sux for close-ups!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

can I get a flix?

the snow

snow boots w/ style ;)

laughing at the old ppl who can't use a digital camera ;)

christmas morning

santa came!

it was a "ka'chow christmas" for Ja :)

smiles...for clothes??! must be getting older!

just to warm up in the snow ;)

oh me oh my

just some mac

a "juicy christmas"

now I see why I got these...they have a J

trying not to look

I FINALLY got one!

giving u the finger...j/k

ahhh sleep

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some people may not think this is funny, but...(ur just boring) lol j/k

he was getting down

I have heard that sisters like to dress up their little could you resist anyway?!

we love you wooga!

It is still snowing in Seattle!

so this year I wanted to save money and do my own pics...mistake?? these are the type of shots I was getting...

and this...

crop out the vacum, ya think?!

bad shot too...BUT it looks all too familiar..hmmm

getting better...

sibling love.

had to do it...

she was definitely the only one who sat still ;)

we loved these dresses

eventually Ja got we had to try some like this...(urghh)haha

the other day..figures..

OMG can ANYONE take a picture nowadays??!Hence, Jamir's facial expression..LOL

choo choo train time!

Nerd One

and Nerd Two ;) j/k

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Hello Kitty Supporter since 1982

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home is where your story begins

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can you find me??

R.I.P. Fionna the Fish

R.I.P. Fionna the Fish
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thats right..he did...

thats right..he did...

can hardly contain herself

can hardly contain herself

from our friends in Hawaii-Nei..she is just lovely (can you see her tan) ;D

from our friends in Hawaii-Nei..she is just lovely (can you see her tan) ;D